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Welcome To Monfort School Hazaribag

God ensures the well being of his creation permitting its ongoing formation through human intervention. The Divine Formator allows every living thing of his making retain its uniqueness. He envisages always a true change; a change to better standard. Keeping as pretext the divine’s plan for us we aim at holistic education that imparts moral, ethical and spiritual values. It’s our heartfelt wish to generate responsible citizens who can choose their right vocation at the right time. Our education prepares students for life. It seeks to chisel their aptitude, mould their character and make them bloom into pleasing personalities. Our education should have farfetched effect in the student community. It is intended to empower and inspire students to scale greater heights in academics. It should nurture their need for, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual latent. It should help them dive deep into ocean of life and fish our pearls. They should make use of their innate talents and triumph in life. Nothing should be left untapped. Our vision is akin to the vision of Christ our Saviour who said ‘all may have life and have it abundantly’. Our vision is His vision….